Basics of Photography Workshop – July 2015

Basics of Photography Workshop – July 2015


Workshop on Basics of Photography

Streets of Calcutta presents a comprehensive Photography Workshop intended for enthusiasts who have started exploring the world of Photography. The Task oriented Workshop is split into 2 days.

On Day 1 we will explore the Basic aspects Photography coupled by interactive sessions. On Day 2 we will put the lessons into practice on a field trip coordinated by the Mentor. The Batch sizes are kept to the minimal for personalized attention and doubt clearing sessions.

Mentor: Soumya Shankar Ghosal –

Content: Introduction to Photography * Types of Cameras * How a Camera works * Understanding Exposure * Aperture * Shutter * ISO * Exposure Triangle * White Balance * File Formats * Megapixel Myth * Camera Dial Modes * Focus * Exposure Compensation * Histogram * Metering * Composition

Day 1 – 25th July, 2015 (Saturday) – 4 PM to 8 PM
Day 2 – 26th July, 2015 (Sunday) – 3 PM to 7 PM

Day 1 – 17/1, Motijheel Avenue, Kolkata – 700074 (Near Dum Dum Metro Station) – Google Map:
Day 2 – Outdoor Location (TBD)

Workshop Fees: Rs. 1,250/- (Register Online at –

Basic Requirement: A Point & Shoot Camera (with advanced Controls) or a DSLR. Prior knowledge of Photography terminologies is not essential but always helpful.

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