Best Photos of June 2018

Congratulations! Here are the top 6 entries shortlisted by our honorable guest curator Avik Ghosh along with his feedback.

1. Sayanava Saha Biswas – One of the most frequented places of Kolkata and yet an amazing out of the box frame. Nice colors. Exposure control is excellent. If the frame was little bit wider it would be a more better picture.

2. Prasenjit Bhattacharya‎ – The play of light and shadow of Namaz at Nakhoda Mosque is truly elegant. The pattern looks very interesting. If the photograph would have been taken from different angle the result would have been much better.

3. Sayan Dey‎ – Wonderful use of shadows to tell a story. An unconventional frame of Nakhoda Mosque. The composition is beautiful.

4. Sirshendu Bhattacharya‎ – This is my favorite photograph. The timing was excellent. The taxi along with the hand pulled rickshaw, and the wall art creates an aesthetic feel.

5. Rajatabha Ray – Wonderfully composed. The exposure control is excellent. Again, a very different point of view of Nakhoda Mosque.

6. Washiur Rahaman Romee‎ – A simple yet an interesting story. The composition and the moment captured complements each other.

Streets of Calcutta would like to thank each and everyone for their active participation. Thank you Avik for the effort to shortlist and sending in your feedback on the top 6 from the huge number of entries.