Independence Day Photowalk – Asian Photography Magazine – 15th August 2015

Streets of Calcutta is glad to announce the Independence Day Photowalk in association with Asian Photography Magazine –  India’s oldest and premiere photography magazine.

We welcome our Friends from CWC – Chennai Weekend Clickers who will join us at the Photowalk. Look forward to an intensive and interactive Session!

This is a Free Photowalk.

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ASIAN PHOTOGRAPHY will be conducting a first of its kind ‘PHOTOWALK’ in KOLKATA on 15th August as an endeavor to promote photography as an art form. This comes in the wake of ‘ARTISTIQUE – A photo contest and exhibition’ that has reached its third year from inception. We are pleased to announce that well known photo collective Streets of Calcutta will be joining us for the photo walk and interactive session where representatives from Asian Photography will be talking and interacting on the following points:

1. ‘ARTISTIQUE’ – Asian Photography Magazine’s initiative to promote photography as an art form in the form of exhibitions and photo contest.
2. The kind of photographs printed and the standard that needs to be maintained for magazines.
3. How a magazine differs from newspapers.
4. How to get published in a magazine as a beginner.
5. Informal question and answer session.

Date: 15th August 2015-07-2015
Venue : Mullick Ghat
Registration : 2.15 p.m
Interactive session : 2.45 p.m – 3.30 p.m
Photowalk starts from : 3:35 p.m

All participants will receive a CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION from Asian Photography Magazine (India) on 19th August, 2015 – World Photography Day.